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Primark P.S. Love This Beauty Brush Cleanser | Review

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A couple of weeks ago I featured a brush cleanser from P.S. Love This (which is Primark's beauty range incase you're not familiar with it) in a haul and I thought it was about time I wrote a review. I was really intrigued by this as I don't see many brush cleaners in the drugstores in the UK. 

This is the method I use to deep clean my brushes and I swear by it, but I do like to spot clean them in between to prevent the build up of bacteria. 

The directions suggest you apply the brush cleanser to the brush itself and swirl it around on a paper towel. However, for me I prefer applying the cleanser to my silicone glove AND the brush to save time. The cleanser itself doesn't have an unpleasant smell which I found the E.L.F one did when I used it a few years ago, and you get 125ml for £2 which will last you quite a while.

Of course I still deep clean my brushes regularly as this doesn't remove all the makeup, especially if I'm using it on a foundation brush but I do really like this cleanser. I use it a few times a week and it also reduces the amount of time I spend deep cleaning my brushes which is a bonus as I find it quite the chore! 

So will you be picking up this bargain brush cleanser or do you swear by another one?

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