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Small Ikea Haul (Mainly candles) | May 2013

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My Mum went into Ikea on Sunday and picked me up a few things I'd been wanting for a while but hadn't got round to buying.

I was just looking for a simple candle to go in my room and so I now have the Mattfull scented candle which is an absolute bargain at 75p! I've not burnt it yet, but it smells lovely.

I think this has to be the cutest candle I have ever seen! I can't find the link on the website but I think it's too beautiful to burn.

I also asked for some scented tea lights since sometimes I don't want to be burning a candle for hours, just a short period of time. These are the Tindra Scented Tealights which are £1.50 for 36, another bargain and they smell beautiful as well as looking pretty.

Next these are the Fyrkantig Block Candle Holders which are 3 for £1. I thought these would look cute for tea lights in my room.

Yet some more candle holders! I thought I could put my Yankee Candle Samplers in, since I'm stuck as to where I can put them safely whilst burning them. These are the Galej Tealight Holder and you get 4 for £1.

Finally, I got the Skurar Plant Pot which I've seen many bloggers use as a make up brush holder, and for only £2 I thought I'd give it a go. It looks so pretty and I'm glad I have this!

Do you have your eye on anything from Ikea?

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  1. i love ikea candles too!


    1. Me too, hey're so cheap and there's so many to choose from! xx