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Back To School Stationery Haul | Tesco and Asda

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So I know this is a little late compared to everyone else's 'back to school' posts, but I've only just started getting myself organised. Technically this is a 'back to university stationery haul' but I'd still buy all of this if I was going to school.

Anyway, so I got all of these from Tesco or Asda as I find them a lot cheaper than WH-Smith's.

Week by week planner // Tesco

I love buying new stationery (that's probably a bit odd, I know!) and I can be quite fussy about what type of pens I like to use, what paper I like to write on etc but I'm really happy with the things I bought. 

So from Tesco:
  • Spotted Folder
  • Week by week diary
  • Pukka Pad project books
  • Zebra biros

And from Asda:
  • Papermate Ink Joy biros
  • Hole reinforcer stickers
  • Hole punch (with guide)
  • Film index markers
  • Sticky arrows

I've really struggled finding the links to these items online however, I only bought these items at the end of last week so they're definitely still in stores!

Do you look forward to buying new stationery for school/college/university?

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  1. I love buying stationary so much, it's my fav thing about Autumn!
    I love that planner, it's so pretty xxx

    The perks of being a hipster

  2. Buying new stationary has to be one of my favourite things, shame I have just finished University! Cute blog, now following.


    1. It's one of my favourite things too! I'm just about to check out your blog lovely xx

  3. Great haul everything is so pretty x

  4. Think i'll might be getting that week by week planner, it seems so useful! :) xx


    1. It is really useful! It also doesn't have a set date on each week, so you fill it in yourself and can use it from mid-year!