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MUA Haul

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I apologise for having two hauls in a row but I made an order from MUA (Make Up Academy) Tuesday afternoon and I was surprised when my make up had arrived this morning, meaning it only took two days! Some of the items I bought were on sale, so I'll put in the prices that I paid.

First of all I purchased the Undress Your Skin Illuminating Foundation in Porcelain which was only £3. There were only 3 shades available (Porcelain, Beige and Golden) and so obviously I went for the lightest shade since I'm quite pale. I'm going to be trying out these products today so I can do reviews on them! 

To go with the Illuminating Foundation I bought the Undress Your Skin Flawless Skin Primer for £3. I absolutely love my Rimmel Primer but I thought I'd try this primer so it's on offer. So far I love the packaging from the new 'Undress Your Skin' range. 

The final item I bought from the 'Undress Your Skin' range was this Highlighting Powder which was only £2. I love trying out new highlighters since I think they can really change how your make up looks and the product in the pan looks gorgeous which is why I wanted to try it!

Next I bought the Pro-Base Conceal and Brighten Kit for £3.50 in Porcelain - Beige. I was drawn to this because on the MUA website it claims this kit "conceals discolouration, imperfections and redness" and so I'm excited to try this out!

Finally I got my hands on the new Undress Me Too Palette for £4. I know this is meant to be a dupe for the Naked 2 palette and a follow on from the MUA Undressed Palette which I featured in a haul last summer and since I loved that I was eager to buy this. So far I'm liking the new white packaging, change is nice sometimes. 

I also bought two brushes, the first being the F2 Stippling Brush which was only £3. I like that this is a smaller stippling brush than my ELF Stippling Brush. I also think it's good they have numbers and letters for the brushes so they're easy to find on the website. 

Finally, I bought the E4 Eyeliner Brush which is a bargain at only £1.50! I found this a bit more difficult to photograph so I apologize the photos are of it separated but I thought the fact it can separate and the handle becomes a cover is also a useful factor of this brush! I really needed a new eyeliner brush for my gel eyeliner and I couldn't resist at only £1.50.

Have you tried any MUA products recently? 

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  1. Nice haul! the undress me palette looks nice and for such a great price!

    1. Thanks! If you can get your hands on it, I recommend it! xx

  2. Nice haul, I've been using the primer so far i really like it :) x

    1. Thank you! And me too, it seems to work well! xx

  3. I really want to try the brushes from MUA, are they nice and soft? That highlighter is SO pretty, i love the wave effect on it, going to have to pick it up! I'm love MUA at the moment, they've really upped their game.

    The Beauty Belle

    1. I'd definitely recommend the brushes from the couple of times I've used them so far and they definitely are so soft! I agree that MUA have really upped their game, I'm so impressed! xx